3 Reasons Why your Forex Trading System is Not Making you Money

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Are you surprised why after months and months of practicing forex trading seriously, you’re still not making any money? Don’t be because you’re not the only one experiencing this kind of frustration.

In all my years as a forex trading expert, there are only a few times where I’ve seen a complete beginner dominate the forex market.

Okay, I misspoke; the chances of that happening are as rare as finding diamonds in a gold mine.  In fact, no one really dominates the forex market for a long time because the forex market is unpredictable. In reality, i got help from Forex CT, an Australian forex trading broker.

Forex Trading SystemIn any case, there are a number of reasons why your forex trading is not milking you any monies for the moment. The reason why I said “for the moment” is because the fault may not be in the forex trading system, but perhaps how you do the forex trading system in the first place!

You Are Reading the Charts Wrong – The most common reason why a forex trading system doesn’t work for most people is because of the way they’re reading the Japanese candlestick. No, I am not talking about an actual candlestick. For the complete forex trading neophyte, the Japanese invented a method in analyzing the stock market by creating an efficient system in analyzing the price of rice contracts. Steven Nison was the first to popularize the use of the Japanese candlestick charting.

The ability to use and interpret candlestick charting is important because you’ll have a clear glimpse of how the forex market will behave within the month or in the next following months, if done right. If done poorly, however, you’ll have a hard time catching up with the forex market, thus the reason why you’re not getting profits at all.

Your Forex Trading System is a Scam – Sometimes, there comes a point when hard work becomes really tiresome and you just want to find a way to get a quick buck in the shortest amount of time. This kind of mentality is when forex trading scams come in. The moment you realize that the ROI or return of investment system is simply far too amazing or impossible to analyze, then you should have the common sense to say “NO” to such a system. Unfortunately, that is always not the case for most people.

Forex TradingIf you’ve invested in a forex trading scam, don’t be surprised why you’re actually losing money instead of getting more profit.

You Are Changing Strategies All the Time – Ever heard of the saying “a rolling stone gathers no moss”? It means that if you keep changing strategies, you will most likely end up not creating a solid forex trading system. And it also means no profit for you, buster. Changing strategies too often is pretty much like you answering a test and you keep erasing the answers in your answer sheet until time is up. You’ll only realize how much time you wasted by the time you also realize that you’ve wasted a lot of money in changing strategies.